With the gloriousness of St Ulric’s oil the Vertigo is gone!

Nora Collins Testimony

Dear a Blessed Call to Love team.

Thank you for the St Ulric oil. Two years ago my doctor diagnosed that I had Vertigo. I had been getting dizzy spells. My stomach used to be sick. It got so bad that I had to go to bed and sleep for a while. I sometimes had to stop in the street and lean against a wall until it settled down. The Vertigo would come and go. . A year ago I got St Ulric’s oil off you as he is the patron saint for Vertigo. As soon as I started to bless myself with the oil and say the prayer the Vertigo disappeared. And it has not come back. I still use it every day and say the prayer. Thank God and St Ulric.

Nora Collins
Co Meath, Ireland

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