Tony found great help and comfort from St Anne’s oil

Tony found great help and comfort from St Anne's oil

Tony Toye Testimony

I was paralysed with Guillain Barre Syndrome for three years.  I was confined to a wheel chair. I started to bless myself every morning with St Anne’s oil from A Blessed Call to Love, Ireland. I am now free from the illness and can now walk as normal.  I am 86 years of age and I have had a stroke and a stent put in my heart since then.  I continue to use St Anne’s oil every day.  I talk with her all the time and I find her a great help and comfort. 

A friend of mine from Donegal, Eddie O’Brien, had prostate cancer. I put St Anne’s oil on my crucifix and blessed him with it.  His cancer is gone.  I also blessed another friend who had two bad knees with the oil.  His knees are perfect now.  Thanks be to God and St Anne and the oil from A Blessed Call to Love. 


Tony Toye
Co Donegal, Ireland

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