Teenage Saints

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Like the sparks of a crackling fire, they rise bright and burning upwards.

Among human beings, there are certain souls, that still in the sprout of life, return to the Father, without completing a long journey of life.

This is the case of the many children, and adolescents struck at the height of physical and mental development, incurable diseases, or fatal accidents.  The loss to relatives is all the greater when the Calvary is prolonged and the end still certain.

The suffering experienced by teens and adolescents is even more heartbreaking because beyond the pain is visible a vitality, typical of their age. Many people are struck by the serenity and acceptance of God’s will, which is sometimes difficult to find in adults.

The Church, the parish and civil communities, the same relatives and friends, have provided after their immature death, to transmit in various ways the messages emanated with their, albeit brief earthly experience.

Some are Servants of God, others Venerable or already Blessed and Saints, still others are called “Witnesses of the faith of our time”.

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