Paul’s aunt Margaret surprised the doctors after using St John of God oil

St John of God

Paul’s Story, Ireland

I recently met up with a friend of mine, Denise, at the coffee shop. She was telling me that her aunt Margaret was not well, and she was due to go into hospital for a triple bypass operation on her heart. I gave her St John of God’s oil who is the patron Saint for Heart problems and the prayer card for healing that comes with it. That I got from A Blessed Call to Love, Ireland.

After using St John of God oil her aunt Margaret surprised the doctors. They told her that she did not have to have the triple bypass operation and that the swelling in her heart had gone down.

Margaret has great faith in the oil.

Praise God, Alleluia!

Thank God for Saint John of God.

I also got the oil of St Joseph patron Saint for families and St Andrew of Avellino Patron for high blood pressure and Strokes. I find them very good.

Paul’s Story, Ireland

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