St Erasmus, Nancy Incredible Story

A year ago I was given this St Erasmus oil when I was deathly sick from liver failure.  To date because of my belief, faith, along with lifestyle changes, I have slowly regained more function of my liver. The doctors were extremely happy with my progression. So much so, that I am scheduled for a six month follow up this March.

At this time I would like to order two more bottles of oil as I do not want to miss a day, and I never have.

When I got the diagnosis, testing was every week, then two, to monthly, than three months. In conjunction with various diet restrictions, exercise, and prayer, the hepatologist said, “whatever you are doing, keep it up”! 

I felt I was never alone, because we could not see anyone, nor could I get help. But I continue to get closer to the Lord, and remain faithful to St. Erasmus. It is the mind and the spirit that helps, and Gods will. 

Again thank you, and thank you for the kind words of prayer.

Nancy, New York, USA

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