St Charbel Miracle Worker

Edward Bidier, London, England

My brother in law, aged 76, developed a large tumour on his pancreas 3 years ago.  He started to lose weight.  The surgeons took out most of his stomach, his spleen and part of his liver. Two years ago he got some St Charbel healing oil from A Blessed Call to Love in Ireland.  Since then he blesses himself with the oil and says the prayer every day when he gets up in the morning.

After the operation he thought he was not recovering quickly enough. However, the surgeon told him that only a few survive the operation he had.  He was one of the lucky ones. But Edward puts his faith in St Charbel who is known as the Miracle Worker.  He says the prayer and gives thanks every day and he is doing well.

Eileen Franz

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My neighbor gave me some holy oils which I have great faith in. And I would like to get some for my friends for Christmas. MargaretCo Monaghan, Ireland

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