St Anthony’s Oil brings great comfort to Caroline and her family

St Anthony

Caroline Gillan Testimony

I have had a bad leg for three years.  There is an ulcer on my leg that has been weeping for years.  I also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis in my ankles and shoulders.  The doctor gave me regular pain injections to help me cope.  I got St Anthony’s oil from A Blessed Call to Love, Ireland.  I use it daily and say the prayer that accompanies it. Since using the oil the ulcer has not wept for the last eight weeks and there is a skin over it now. 

St Anthony’s oil has helped me with the arthritis as well.  My young niece is a nervous child and she also gets great comfort from blessing herself with St Anthony’s oil as she goes to bed. I couldn’t live without St Anthony’s oil.  He brings my family and I great comfort. Thanks be to God and St Anthony.

Caroline Gillan
Co Tyrone, Ireland

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