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Rest your head

Rest your head - Songs | A Blessed Call To Love

The Rest your head track is a song about how God would speak to each one of us.  He loves us so much He wants us to rest in Him.  In the song He asks us to rest our heads on His heart.  Listen to His heart beating with such love for us.  Also, we can be assured of His support and help if we only stop for awhile and take His word seriously.

Jesus rejoices in our complete trust in Him. We console Him.  Also, we comfort Him when we rest in Him.  Spend time with the Lord in adoration and love.

Maria is a wife and mother.  She is not a professional singer.  Maria sings spontaneously the praises of the Lord from the heart.  Some songs flow directly and are recorded in one take.  Music is added later.  Also, some songs need the help of a sound engineer and musicians to bring to fruition. On occasion, we have recorded songs with a professional singer.

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