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The song “Rest your head” by Maria Antoine came through Maria as she was praying.  She is not a professional singer.  The song was recorded and music added later as the message relates to Jesus’ ministry at this time in our world.  Jesus wants us to place our trust in Him.  Also, He is in charge of these events that are going on and all will be well.  Ultimately, God’s plan will unfold as He has decided it to be according to His will.

Irish Blessings Meditations and Songs on A Blessed Call to Love is a facility for putting Maria Antoine’s “food for thought” reflections and prayers out into the world. The inspirational spiritual thoughts, poems, prayers and stories come through Maria’s prayer life. They come spontaneously during her time of meditation.  Also, they are recorded by different singers and speakers for variety and for publication later. We hope you can relax and enjoy them.  However, we pray that your heart will be touched by our Irish Blessings songs, poems and meditations.

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Rest your head (by Maria Antoine) full audio track

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