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PRECIOUS MOMENTS TO PONDER - Sacred Reflections | A Blessed Call To Love

Precious Moments to ponder from A Blessed Call to Love Reflections is a facility for putting Maria Antoine’s “food for thought” meditations and stories out into the world. The inspirational spiritual thoughts and stories come through Maria’s prayer life.

They come spontaneously during prayer. They are recorded for publication later. We hope you can relax and enjoy them. We further hope you will be inspired and that your heart will be touched by our Irish Blessings Reflections.

What is a reflection?

Our reflections are words that are given during a time of prayer or inspiration.  They are usually a story with an inside meaning of the deeper than surface level of the ways and things of the world. One cannot understand the meanings of the way inside unless one desires to sit and listen with an open heart. We need to pray to discover within the words a heartfelt touch of love.  Love desires to reach out and give of Himself to each one of us.  For God so loved the world that He gave His only.  Do we take our footsteps for love?   Is it our desire to love God?

In the reflections, there is a place to come into and find ourselves within; to have a time in silence in a quiet place, just to listen, to hear and to take in.   When the reflection is completed we need to digest it slowly, bit by bit.  We hold on to parts that have meaning for us.  Let us reflect on the things of our lives that are forever changing.  They help us reflect on a heart beating onwards and upwards. We pray to have the gift to reflect on the presence of God in our lives.  Yes, to love God.

God is reaching out to each one of us to find us, at where we are at, on our journey. We are all dear to God and special to Him.  He loves us in a personal way each one of us individually.  Oh, if we could only see the joy in our risen Lord, to be along the way with Him, walking with Him.

In conclusion, download one of our reflections and share with friends. They are precious moments to ponder for sure.

Listen to the full version of the Precious Moments song here: DOWNLOAD FULL VERSION
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