Nancy’s faith and belief in St Erasmu’s Oil

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Nancy’s Story, USA

To whom it may concern:

I was given this oil when I was deathly sick from liver failure. That was about a year ago. To date because of my belief, faith, along with lifestyle changes, I have slowly regained more function of my liver.
At this time I would like to order two more bottles of oil.

Please let me know how to go about this, as I do not want to miss a day, and I never have.
Thank you for your time on this issue. And I look forward to hearing back from you.

Nancy,  USA.

Team at A Blessed Call to Love.

Many, many apologies for not keeping in touch with you. But, I had to share the news. I’ve been quite consistent with Saint Erasmus’s oil, applying it mostly every night, missing it very infrequently. I pray to Mary our Mother, read the Bible, and apply Saint Erasmus oil. I have been doing that since 2020.

To date, after receiving my medical report from my MRI, I am blessed to say through  Erasmus, my liver is on the mend greatly so. There is no cirrhosis, and very little fibrosis. The lesions that were on my liver, are no longer there. 

I am blessed beyond belief, and just had to share that news with you. I hope you are well, and happy. 

With warm regards, and in Jesus’s name.

Nancy’s Story, USA

Full details with the editor.

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