Monica’s faith in St Lucy powerful intercession

St Lucy (Patron for eye problems) Set Presentation (1)

Caroline Smith, Nottingham, England Testimony.

I have been giving your oils to family and friends. I think they are wonderful along with the special blessing.  Aside from Our Lady and St Joseph, St Lucy is a favorite of mine.  I have glaucoma so pray to her frequently for my eyesight.

A friend has a similar condition to me and had an operation on her left eye, similar to the surgery I’ll be having on 4th August. She was to go back to see about the right eye and was getting anxious and frustrated not to receive an appointment time. I gave her your St Lucy oil and Monica applied it and said the prayer.  Within a day or two she received an appointment for the following week.  When she attended the appointment she was told that her eye pressure which had been very high was down to 8 and she didn’t need the surgery!  They couldn’t explain why.  Of course we know it was Monica’s faith in St Lucy’s powerful intercession. Thanks be to God.

I am trying to spread the word and if you have any leaflets which you would like to send to me, I will distribute them. Your website is easy to navigate and I like the way you can search by ailment.  Great! 

God bless you all and your work and thank you for your wonderful oils!

Caroline Smith
Nottingham, England

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