Maureen’s great faith to St. Peregrine’s oil


Maureen’s testimony, Ireland

Last September (2021) my nephew’s mother in law Zarwen, who lives in Boston, USA, was diagnosed with a tumor in her bladder. It turned out to be benign but a 5 cms tumor was found in her pancreas.  It was cancerous and she was at stage 4 cancer.  At Christmas her family was told to gather around as the doctors did not expect her to last very long. 

My daughter traveled to Boston at Christmas and brought St Peregrine’s oil from A Blessed Call to Love.  Zarwen began to use the oil.  Within a few weeks the tumor has shrunk to 1 cm. The doctors cannot believe it has shrank so much and that she is feeling so good.  She now has great faith in the oil and she continues to use it every day.

My husband, Patsy, has cancer in the spine.  He has been using the St Peregrine’s oil for a few years now.  He uses the oil every day and says the prayer that comes with it on the card.  He went in for tests a few weeks ago and the oncologist rang Patsy to say that he was pleased with his progress. The cancer has not spread.  Thanks be to God, St Peregrine and A Blessed Call to Love.

Maureen, Ireland

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