Mary’s strong faith to Fr Peter Rookey’s Oil

Mary’s Story, Ireland

My husband Tony was diagnosed with cancer of the bowel in May 2019. Unfortunately, surgery was cancelled because of the Covid virus crisis.  He did not have the surgery until May 2021.  We have always had faith in Fr Peter Rookey and we would ask him for prayers when he was alive.  He is known as the miracle priest. We got Fr Peter Rookey oil from A Blessed Call to Love, Ireland. Tony began to use the oil as soon as he got the diagnosis and say the prayer every day. He believes the oil is very powerful.  The cancer was very deep in his bowel and the surgery was very complicated.  After two major operations and over a month in hospital he got home.  He ended up back in hospital again being treated with Sepsis which is a life threatening medical emergency.  Thanks to the power of prayer and Fr Peter Rookey’s oil he is now back to himself and feeling good.

Tony’s sister, Margaret in England, had medical complications and developed pneumonia. She was on life support and near death.  It was suggested to the family that they should come over and say their goodbyes.  Tony, his brother and other two sisters travelled over to see her.  One of the sisters brought Fr Peter’s oil with her and blessed Margaret with the oil. Margaret pulled through thanks be to God.. We thank God for the blessing and Fr Peter Rookey for his intercession and A Blessed Call to Love for Fr Peter Rookey’s oil.

Mary, Ireland

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