Margaret’s great joy to St Dymphna’s Oil


Margaret’s Story, Ireland

I have suffered from chronic anxiety for many years. I was not able to leave my home most of the time.  I came across a prayer card to St Dymphna in a church. This was my lucky day. I got great strength from reading it.  The card was from A Blessed Call to Love, Ireland.  I contacted them and I got St Dymphna’s oil and the prayer card that comes with it.  My life has changed since then.  I can now go out whenever I want to and to where ever I want to go.

A Blessed Call to Love has many oils dedicated to different saints.  These saints are patrons for different illnesses.  I am spreading the good news about the oils and I’ve given many out to people.  I get great joy from hearing how the oils are giving people relief.  They are available for us all. Miracles are just waiting to happen.

Margaret, Ireland

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