I’m dreaming of a better day

The I’m Dreaming of a Better Day is a song about the hope Christians hold that all things will be well in God’s time.  God is in charge and ultimately He will be victorious.  God’s Kingdom come and His Will done.

This is one of our Irish blessings music entitled Song of Songs.  These inspirational spiritual music that comes through the prayer life of Maria Antoine. Original songs of praise written and sung by Maria.  Available as Irish music CDs to download or buy as hard copies and as downloadable individual music tracks.

Maria is a wife and mother.  She is not a professional singer.  In prayer, she sings spontaneously the praises of the Lord and her songs come from the heart.  While some flow directly and recorded in one take, with music added later, others need the help of a sound engineer and musicians to bring to fruition. On occasion, we have recorded some songs with a professional singer.

Listen and share it with your friends.

Click the link below if you would like buy this meditation song.

I’m dreaming of a better day full audio track

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