How Patricia’s elderly parents are overjoyed to Blessed John Sullivan

Patricia Dee, Limerick, Ireland Testimony.

My husband’s niece, Patricia Dee, has cerebral palsy. She is 55 years old and she lives in a nursing home in Limerick. About 2 months ago while one of the carers was washing her, she noticed 2 large lumps in Patricia’s breast. The carer reported this to her mother. A biopsy was done and they found she had stage two breast cancer. An operation was organised to remove her breast and the lump from under her armpit.

I have a great devotion to Blessed John Sullivan.  I got some of his oil from A Blessed Call to Love, Ireland, through their website. I gave it to Patricia’s mother and told her to say the prayer and rub the oil on her.  She got the oil on the Friday before they were doing the operation on the Monday.  She rubbed it on and said the prayer.

After the operation they took another biopsy and Patricia was cancer free. Her elderly parents were overjoyed. Thanks be to God and Blessed John Sullivan.

Philomena Dee
Limerick, Ireland

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