Healing through St. Anthony’s oil

In 2019, I suffered a sever break in my ankle. My ankle was put in plaster and the doctors said I would need surgery to fix it properly.

I prayed to St Anthony and rubbed his oil on my ankle each day.  My ankle healed and I did not need surgery.  I know it was the oil that did it.

St Anthony has always come through for my family and I.

Tom Nolan
Co Mayo, Ireland
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Have faith

My neighbor gave me some holy oils which I have great faith in. And I would like to get some for my friends for Christmas. MargaretCo Monaghan, Ireland

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The Pain is Gone

Last December 2018, I developed an atrocious pain in my lower back.  It happened very quickly.  It got harder and harder to walk.  I had always been a keen walker. 

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