Donagh is delighted with St Ulric oil and A Blessed Call to Love

Donagh’s Story, Ireland

My friend and I met in town.  We had not seen each other in a long time so we went for a cup of coffee to catch up on the news.  She was telling me that her husband, Donagh, had been suffering from vertigo for years and it was getting him down. I told her that I had a few bouts of that myself.  I told her about A Blessed Call to Love where they have oil dedicated to St Ulric, the patron saint for vertigo. She was interested in getting some so I sent away for it. It arrived in the post and I got it to her straight away. Donagh began blessing himself with the oil every day and saying the prayer from the card that came with the oil.  It is a year since the first time he used it and he has not had any vertigo since then. He is delighted with the results, Thanks be to God, St Ulric, and A Blessed Call to Love.

Nora, Ireland

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