Dolly’s great devotion to St. Peregrine

St Peregrine

Dolly Shankey Testimony

I suffered with an ulcer on the soul of my foot.  My big toe got badly inflamed and infected.  I developed septicaemia. They kept me in hospital for months as I am in my 80s. They put a stent in both legs. The doctors were going to remove my big toe as my blood circulation was very poor.. My daughter got St Peregrine oil from A Blessed Call to Love, Ireland as she knew I have a great devotion to him.  I blessed myself with it and said the prayer on the card that comes with the oil. I did this every day. My big toe is fine now. I still love to say the little prayer and use the oil each day and to thank God and St Peregrine.

I also gave some of the oil to a friend of mine, Laura, who was suffering from depression and she is doing fine.

Dolly Shankey
Co Roscommon, Ireland

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