Connor’s dog amazing recovery using St Francis Oil

Connor Testimony

Our dog, Zeus, went to bed as normal, after watching his favourite John Wayne movie on TV. In the morning, when I got up to let him out he seemed to be in great discomfort and was finding it difficult to walk. We contacted our vet on the 7th Nov. 2021 and took him in immediately. They took him down for an x ray. He was very weak. They put him on a drip to get fluids into his body. The vet phoned me about 4 pm to say he had picked up a bit but that they were keeping him in. I gave them the go ahead to do all they could for him. They contacted me again to say it looked like he had eaten stones and they were stuck in his digestive system. They let him go home with us. The stones had still not passed by the following morning. We took him back to the vet again to ask for advice. It wasn’t looking good. He was losing power in his front and back legs. We got in touch with another vet but he told us there was nothing he could do other than to make him comfortable. That night was the longest night of our lives. At 8 am he was finding it difficult to breathe. Zeus was dying.

He was being brought to the operating theatre as they thought his lung was punctured. He was finding it difficult to breathe and he was very weak. They did not give us much hope. An hour later they called to say the diagnosis was not good. His whole insides were enlarged. His heart was so enlarged that it was cutting off his airways. The area around his heart would need to be removed and there was a problem with his spine also. Zeus was transferred by air ambulance to intensive care in Dublin. They immediately took him in but their hands were tied. They said to give him pain relief as nothing was any good.

My sister contacted A Blessed Call to Love and they sent St Francis’ oil. I took it down to the surgery. They put the St Francis oil on the dog and said the prayer that comes with it. The next day he was drinking water. And the day after that he was up on his feet. They said there was a slight improvement. They said his eyes and all his functions were pretty bad. Rose and I rubbed the oil on him again. At 11 pm that night the vet rang to say he was coming back. Zeus was let out of the oxygen tent but he was still poorly. They continued to rub St Francis oil on him. I phoned the next morning and the vet took the phone to Zeus. When Zeus heard my voice he jumped up like a new dog and wagged his tail. He was still pretty poorly though. We continued to say the prayer. We brought a tv in for him to watch and we rubbed St Francis oil on him. As he watched the John Wayne film the heart monitor showed that his heart rate was improving. The nurse said that nothing like this has ever happened before. She said it had to be something to do with the St Francis oil. She said the vet didn’t think the dog had much of a hope. She said Zeus was getting back to his own self. Connor’s mother Caroline said; “Only for St Francis’ oil the dog was gone.” The dog is home now and he is doing fantastic, thanks be to God, St Francis and A Blessed Call to Love.

Connor Ireland

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