Caroline received an abundance of blessings from St Anthony and St Stanislaus’s oil


Caroline’s Story, Ireland

My son Conor worked in a warehouse moving pallets of materials about.  While moving a crate of tins of paint the crate fell on him breaking and crushing his arm.  He was sent to the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast. The doctors told me that he would be in hospital for at least 6 to 8 weeks and that he would have to undergo a number of operations, He had three surgeries in three weeks. They used a lot of morphine on him to control the pain.  He was in a bad condition. I made contact with A Blessed Call to Love and told them the story.  They sent out to me St Anthony’s oil (known as a miracle worker) and St Stanislaus’ oil (patron saint for broken bones).

 I brought the oils to him in the hospital. After 2 days of using the oil, there was a big change. The doctors could not believe it and they took him off the morphine. They put him on tablets.  He continued to use the oil every day. Three days later he was allowed to go home.  The doctors couldn’t believe the change in him. Before he left they had reduced all of his painkillers.

He then went in every three days to have his dressings changed. It is 15 months since he had the accident and he has no pain whatsoever. Thanks be to God, St Anthony, and St Stanislaus for these abundance blessings. And a thank you to A Blessed Call to Love.

Caroline’s Story, Ireland

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