Breda’s gratefulness to St. Peregrine

St Peregrine

Breda Tuomey Testimony

I was a primary school teacher for forty years and now I care for my husband. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. I was at stage 2 but the doctors said it was fast growing.

I received St Peregrine’s oil and I was very, very grateful for it.  You know the way you are when you’re going through it, especially cancer – you grasp at everything.  I found it very consoling, even to have it in the house.  I had the cancer the whole of 2016.  I had 16 sessions of chemotherapy and 25 of radiotherapy.  It wasn’t easy because at the same time I am a carer for my husband Gerry who has dementia.  Thanks be to God I got through it.  St Peregrine’s oil helped an awful lot.  I told a few of my friends. One of them was Philomena.

She came over straight away with St Peregrine’s oil from A Blessed Call to Love when she heard the news. I was very grateful for it. I just found it a consolation. I really did. I am not just saying that. I found it a great consolation. I blessed myself daily with St Peregrine’s oil and said the prayer that comes with it.  And now I don’t have any cancer. I count myself as one of the lucky ones. St Peregrine was a source of great consolation during those worrying months.  I was driving myself up and down to Dublin for the therapy sessions. I was quite tired throughout this time.

I feel I am back in full health now. I had my final scan in Feb of 2017 and I was all clear.

I had colon cancer in 2012.  I got over that with two operations. I thank God and St Peregrine and A Blessed Call to Love for the oil.

Breda Tuomey
Co Meath, Ireland

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