Bill’s Miracle

Bill’s Story of St. Peregrine Healing Oil

Last year (2019) a friend of our family, Bill, was diagnosed with cancer. He had radiotherapy.  Unfortunately, it was not a complete success.  He had to have further scans and he was told he would need an operation. This would be tricky because of his age but it was necessary. Bill was distraught and he contacted us. I sent him the St Peregrine healing oil that a friend of mine had sent me.

Three weeks ago, Bill phoned us and he was overjoyed.  He informed us that the oncologist had told him that after further and more recent tests that the tumour was benign. He said he applied St Peregrine oil every day and said the prayer. Bill did that for 2 months.  This final test result proved that the oil was a miracle for Bill and he affirmed it.

Thank you and thank God and St Peregrine.

Mrs. Alice Ryan, London, England
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