Barb Bennett’s strong belief to St Peregrine

Barb Bennett’s story of her children’s cancer

I ordered St Peregrine from A Blessed Call to Love, Ireland, last February, for my daughter Angela. Thank you very much.

Just so you know my daughter has Stage 4 lung cancer that has metastasized to her lymph nodes and stomach. We were told she has about 8 months to live in Feb 2021. Since she started treatment it did not look good. They sent her home to die in March. St Peregrine’s oil showed up and the next week a new trial treatment came to her. So she started that and continued using St Peregrine oil. The next checkup she had a 37% decrease and the cancer in the stomach is gone!! She is continuing to use the oil and the treatment so we all have greater hope now.

Now I want you to send me St Peregrine’s oil for my son, who is 41,  He has cancer also. He has Hodgkins lymphoma. They just took one lymph to test but he had shrapnel in his body from Irag so they cannot do the normal testing with MRI. So everything takes longer to know. We have more hope now. 

Thanks be to God and St Peregrine.

Missouri, USA

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