Anne’s Sons Amazing Recovery


Anne’s testimony, Ireland

My name is Anne and I had an adult son, Killian, in Australia for three years.  He is 33 years old.  He had arranged to come home in three weeks when he developed severe headaches and was admitted to hospital.  They discovered he had an aneurism on his brain.  They said it was serious and that he would need to be operated on as soon as he got back to Ireland.  When we met him at the airport we brought him to Beaumont Hospital. They did a scan and confirmed the same as in Australia and that there were 2 aneurisms.  They were in the back of the brain. They would have to do open brain surgery.  They let him go home with us until it was time for the surgery.  It was scheduled for the following week. 

We got St Pio oil from A Blessed Call to Love, Ireland.  We blessed him with St Pio oil and said the prayer on the card that comes with the oil.  We brought him to the hospital and waited in a waiting room while they were doing the operation. After an hour or so the phone rang and the doctors said they wanted to see me.  I said; “Holy Mother of God something has happened”.  My heart dropped and I went up not knowing what to expect.  When I arrived in the room there were 6 or 7 doctors around his bed.  Killian was lying in the bed.  I knew the operation could not be over this quick.  The doctor told me that when they repeated the scan the 2 aneurisms were gone.  The doctor said’ “From our medical point of view they don’t just disappear.”  “If they burst Killian would be dead. We don’t know why.”  

I started to cry.  I said across to Killian, “That was Pio.” The doctor asked who Pio is.  I told him it was St Pio.  The doctors passed no remark. My son continues to use St Pio oil and we thank God, St Pio and A Blessed Call to Love.

Full details are with the editor.

Anne, Ireland

Full details with the editor.

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