Amazing recovery from dysmenorrhea bleeding using St Martha’s Oil

St Martha Patron for Housewives

Aisling’s Story, Ireland

I hope it’s not premature but since I received the oil I’ve had a bit of a blessing. I had begun a Novena to St Martha on Wednesday of last week after I found a keychain with St Martha’s name on it and discovered her feast day novena was due to begin then. After googling I discovered she was very much the woman I needed some help from and as it happened, the gospel that Sunday was from Luke 10: 38-42 everything seemed to be pointing at St Martha. I picked up a card and a candle and began the novena and then received the oil on the Friday. (Ironically my Fathers anniversary) I had been suffering dysmenorrhea, which had been pretty painful these last few months and bleeding heavily. I honestly felt like that woman who had been suffering with hemorrhaging and who reached out to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, all I wanted was to be healed. I felt like I had been praying forever.

I applied the oil and continued the novena and I kid you not, the bleeding had almost stopped the next day and by day five of the novena (Sunday) had stopped completely. I also slept well and I was used to waking up in pain, but I woke up rested and pain free during those days instead. I still have another couple of days left in the novena so I’m continuing to pray for a full healing. It’s been purgative and I’ve wept a lot but I hope that means stuff has been brought to the surface for cleansing and dealt with.

Aisling’s Story, Ireland

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