Aine’s great faith to St. Bernadette oil

Aine’s testimony, Ireland

I suffer from sciatica nerve pain.  Two months ago I was in Dublin visiting the Gresham Hotel in O Connell Street.  While carrying some books down a staircase I fell and hurt myself. The sciatica was really acting up.  I had got a bottle of St Bernadette oil while I was in Knock, Co Mayo.  It came from A Blessed Call to Love, Ireland.  I used the oil for three days and it definitely helped me with the pain.  Unfortunately, I put the bottle in the washing machine with my pajamas.  I am now ordering more St Bernadette’s oil from A Blessed Call to Love. I have great faith in their oils. Thanks be to God, St Bernadette and A Blessed Call to Love. 

Aine, Ireland

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