A million thanks to St Agatha

I was told I had breast cancer in February 2020. The doctors put me on medication. I was scheduled for another scan last January.

A friend gave me your St Agatha’s oil and prayer card. I lit a candle and used the oil every day. Each day I said the prayer to St Agatha as well. Before my scan I rang A Blessed Call to Love and ordered more of St Agatha’s oil. I have been using the oil for a year now.

After the scan my doctors told me that the tumour is reducing in size. I will have another scan in July and my hope is that the tumour will have reduced even more. I am so thankful for the oil and I am feeling good. I am living my life as normal again.

Thanks a million for the prayers you promised when I was talking to you on the phone.

Geraldine Kennedy, Leitrim, Ireland

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