A great faith to St Peregrine

St Peregrine

I wish to let you know, that my sister was diagnosed of Breast Cancer in August 2015. We were all devastated as she was a young fit woman (49).

Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to this awful diagnoses. A friend of the family bought her the healing prayer and the oil of St Peregrine from A Blessed Call to Love, Ireland. My sister Marina, had great faith and said the prayer and used the oil every night. Her strong faith, kind care from Doctors and Nurses and family support got her through this. She had to have a mastectomy and was very lucky not to need chemotherapy. We thank St Peregrine for watching over and taking good care of her. Marina is now clear over 2 years and no longer has to attend the breast cancer for routine appointment.

We would like to thank you for this oil.

Many thanks.

Co Down, Nth Ireland

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